Saturday, September 17, 2011

First Soccer Game of the Season

I got before and after pictures, but no during pictures. I was too busy chasing around a toddler and catching up with other moms. I got glimpses every now and then of the game and what I saw made me smile. We'll be working on eye-foot coordination around here for the next few weeks.

Funny story. Our coach asked us to be early so the kids could get warmed up and be ready to start on time. We got there at 8:35, 25 minutes early. We were the only ones there. I wondered if perhaps the games had been cancelled due to yucky weather (it rained all day yesterday). No, the games were still on. We were just super early. I had to pinch myself.

What I Did Last Weekend

My mom brought back eight boxes of peaches from Utah with her last week, after driving my younger sister out to college.

Nothing compares to Utah peaches. Nothing. Don't believe me? Come to my house and try one. We've still got three boxes left.

The intense peach flavor is deliciously intoxicating. We worked like mad women to get them preserved. We made homemade peach ice cream, freezer jam, cooked jam, and good, old fashioned bottled peach slices. Near the end of the endeavor, I admit, I was tiring of the sweet smell, the stickiness, standing on my feet for hours at a time. But looking at them all neat in their rows, I can't but be proud of my "babies." All 40 of them.